Eco-Wright Energy has over ten years of experience designing, supplying and installing heating systems for a range of properties, we will work closely with developers, project managers and all other trades on site to help create your clients dream home

Why choose us?

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Theres an increasing demand for renewable technology to be incorporated into new homes and renovations. We understand sometimes that’s easier on paper than it is to incorporate it into the actual construction and building process. With so many “green” technologies on the market and a growing number of companies claiming theirs will help your development/project stand out why choose Eco-Wight Energy?

  • If as a developer or project manager you have never had heat pumps installed into a property we are more than happy to discus how they work and how we design and plan the correct system for your project so please get in touch.
  • No project is too big, too small or too quirky for us.
  • Using architects plans we can provide free advice and a basic estimate. If there are no plans we are still happy advise on costings and possible systems.
  • A free site visit can be arranged to discus suitable heat pumps and placing of equipment.
  • You will not have to deal with any sales team, throughout the process you will have full communication with the installers.
  • Each property will have a full and detailed heat loss completed, this will have information on the size of the heat pump, estimated running costs and size specifications for radiators required for each individual room.
  • Communication is key to the smooth running of any project, a written record in the form of weekly emails will update you on the progress.
  • The client or prospective buyer is more than welcome to get in touch to talk through the system and we guarantee we will be on hand after commissioning should there be any questions or help needed.
  • A full hand over pack comes with every system including MCS and building regulations certificates for the entire installation, as well as all warranty information and a written welcome pack that can be given to new buyers, this explains how to manage the system and our details for a free telephone consultation to answer any questions with the installer.
  • Sometimes things don’t go to plan, should any problems arise we are committed to finding a way to resolve them and keep the project on track.

Why choose a heat pump instead of a gas or oil fired boiler for heating and hot water?

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Our systems once installed are:

  • A complete, reliable and efficient heating and hot water system that requires no gas, oil tanks or LPG.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No need for fuel deliveries in rural or “off the grid” developments.
  • Up to 4 times more efficient than a boiler.
  • Can lower the home owners fuel bill.
  • Lower the home owners carbon footprint.

A heat pump heating system will improve your buildings design SAP rating (Standard assessmnt procedure) and with this help to get planning granted especially in areas where the local authority are looking to see more renewable technologies used.

It is a complete, reliable and efficient heating and hot water system that requires no gas, oil tanks or LPG.

The government has announced by 2025 all new builds will not be allowed gas boilers. Be prepared and start using heat pumps as standard with in your developments.

Which renewable heating system will suit your development?

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From initial contact we will design a heating system for each individual project. As with all our installations each is tailor made to suit the property. We will discus and consider every aspect including building regulations, financial considerations, a working time line and how the finished product can be sold on to the public or how the system will benefit your client.

Does every heat pump system have to have underfloor heating and an MVHR system?

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No we will only include these if you would like them, underfloor heating works well with heat pumps due to the lower flow temperature but we will correctly size radiators if these are more viable for your project. MVHR systems recycle air leaving well sealed properties with high insulation values fresh through out the year, this can help prevent mould and damp in bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens and eleviates the need for extractor fans. MVHR systems can also keep heating bills down by recycling the warm air from wet rooms within the house.

Planning on buying a heat pump from a builders merchant?

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Here is what you need to know first and how we can help.

Download our pricing document here.

If you or your client wish to install a heat pump in a future project there are some things that must be considered to ensure that the property remains at the designed temperature what ever the weather outside.

For any heat pump, ground or air source the heat pump has to be sized taking into account the properties size, insulation and U values of the building materials used. Too small a heat pump will cause the property to not maintain the desired temperature and lead to a cold house as the temperature drops.

It is important when sizing heat pumps especially Air Source Heat pumps that allowances are made in the total KW output of the heat pump when the design temperature drops the KW output will decrease as the air temperature drops this must always be considered.

With ground source heat pumps the ground loop has to be sized perfectly to ensure that the collector is big enough to reflect the heat demand required for the property. Undersizing ground loops results in too much heat taken out of the ground that can not be replenished, this in effect “freezes” the ground. This can eventually lead to the heat pump not producing heat and/or working unnecessarily harder. This can then lead to costly repairs and modifications of the ground loop.

When using radiators it is important these are sized specifically for each room. Heat pumps operate at a lower flow temperature, therefore the radiators need to be sized specifically for each room unlike with a conventional boiler.

We always recommend using a specialised heat pump engineer to supply and install a full heat pump system, but we know that the budget sometimes will not allow this. Buying from a builders merchants is a great way to work around budget restrictions. It is important to bear in mind when buying through your local merchants you will most likely speak to a sales person and not a qualified engineer, they will also only sell you equipment their company manufactures and not what is best for your project. We can offer for a one off consultancy fee to size the heat pump and ground loop (if needed) required for your project. So you can be assured that the heat pump you use has been sized by an impartial third party. Download our consultancy range here to see our prices and what we can offer you.

Case Studies

Adina Developments Ground Source Heat Pumps, underfloor heating and MVHR

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Adina Developments are a forward thinking development company that produce modern family homes that centre around being energy efficient and include an array of renewable technology. This particular project was to provide heating and hot water systems for ten plots of which seven were to be brand new three to four bedroom houses, a bungalow, a barn conversion and a dovecote renovation. Each plot was treated individually and using the architects drawings a full heat loss calculation was completed, from there we could discuss the most cost effective and energy efficient system to be installed and how Eco-Wright Energy would ensure each plot would be completed with in the most cost and time effective way without compromising on the quality of the build. With open on going communication between Adina and ourselves it was decided that each plot would have a ground source heating system and the heat would be collected via bore holes.


Due to the high insulation value of all the building materials used each property would require a 2-7KW heat pump from there we calculated only one bore hole per plot was required each at a hundred meters deep. It was our job to source cost effective qualified drillers and liaise with them and the site manager. Once the site was clear of debris and before any foundations where laid the drillers began work inserting geothermal pipe for each individual property.


It was decided that each property would have underfloor heating through all floors, again we supplied and installed. Once each property had a complete roof and stud walls finished. Ours pipes and communication cables could be installed through the property and underfloor heating laid ready for plastering and screeding.


This was the installation of the Heat Pump, the unvented hot water cylinder and buffer tank. Making sure that all building regulations were met and that the finished product not only ran smoothly and efficiently but looked clean, tidy and installed with one hundred percent care and consideration ready for any prospective buyers.


Each finished house had a hand over pack which included all building regs and MCS certificates, warranty information for the entire heating system and a brief information pack that explained how to operate the system. An introduction to ourselves was also included and an invitation to a prearranged phone call with the installer so the buyer could discus the system and how to operate it to keep it running effectively and efficiently.


Each heat pump is internet enabled, each new property owner was set up and advised on the mobile application for this. Once the installer had spoken to the new home owner a brief introduction was arranged free of charge the next time we were in the area. Through the remote interface James the company director and installer is able to monitor each heat pump regularly to keep it running smoothly and sometimes remotely diagnose any problems should they arise. Anyone moving into a property that has a system installed by Eco-Wright Energy is able to take out a service contract with us for peace of mind and technical assistance out of office hours, alternatively we are on hand to perform one off annual services. Our customer care does not stop once the property has been sold, we aim to help the home owner however we can before and after they move in.


Once the first heat pump on this particular site had been installed and the property lived in for a year we went back to complete the annual service. All our heat pumps have electric meters strictly for monitoring the electrical consumption of the heat pump. This particular heat pump had used 2303 kWh’s of electricity, assuming the owner was paying the average 15p per kw/h that means the cost of running this heat pump for a year was £343.00


All of Adina Developments builds have MVHR units as another way to reduce the home owners heating bills and to keep the well insulated houses fresh all year round while reducing mould and damp in wet rooms, bathroom and kitchens. In 2020 Eco-Wright Energy has started to supply these systems and will also commission them and complete all building control regulations. This will provide a complete climate control for the home incorporating the same customer care as we do with the heat pumps and underfloor heating.

Three Barn conversions on a farm

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A farmer had chosen to renovate three old disused farm building with the aim to sell them on once completed. It was a self build project with a site manager overseeing the entire project. The farm itself was not connected to a main gas line and the farm house and associated office building are heated by oil. We were approached to design the heating and hot water system for all three barns including giving advice on the what heat emitters would be best. Using the architects drawing we performed a full heat loss calculation for each property and it was decided to design and install a system using a 8KW Air Source Heat Pump for each property. The properties comprised of two three bedroom bungalows which were to have underfloor heating through out and one two story conversion with underfloor heating on the ground floor and correctly sized radiators on the first floor.


The barns were to be a simple, sympathetic build yet they had to accommodate a modern family. Before the buildings designs were finalised a discussion was held as to placement of the Air Source unit and the hot water cylinder, it is more cost effect to have the cylinder placed as close to the outside unit as possible and the main controls are mounted on the cylinder so access would be needed, there for it was decided that the cylinder and underfloor heating manifold would be place in the utility room with the unit placed on the outer wall.


This was installed once the buildings were made water tight, areas where bathroom suites, kitchen units and the kitchen island were to go were carefully avoided to help prevent problems while the furnishing where being installed and to prevent cupboards being heated unnecessarily. Each room has its own thermostat with underfloor heating so communication cables had to be laid from each thermostat back to the wiring centre on the manifold.


Once the utility room was painted and flooring laid the heat pump was situated and the Cylinder installed. Great care as always was taken to maintain our usual high standards and all connections were carefully and precisely made, the underfloor heating was connected completing the system. It is not just important that the heat pump is working effectively and efficiently, the cylinder should be installed so that perspective buyers can see that it has been done so professionally and to the highest spec.


The home owner will receive a hand over pack with all building and MCS paper work, full warranty certificates and our tailor made welcome pack to give them confidence that their heating and hot water system will stand the test of time and that as installers we are on hand to answer any questions. As a company it is important to us that should any of our systems change hands through sale or rental we give the best advice to the new owner as to how to use the heat pump the most effectively for that property. By helping each new owner we can keep their fuel bills as low as possible, ensure a constant warm home and keep the system running for years to come.