What is MVHR – An MVHR system uses a series of ducting, vents and filters from and to each room to extract unwanted warm humid, stale air that can also carry bad odours from kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. The warm unwanted air is filtered and combined with fresh clean air to pass through a heat exchanger resulting in warm clean air being gently dispersed through out the property in a continuous cycle. The heat exchanger is simply a small unit that can be stored in the attic or cupboard.

The advantages
of an MVHR System

  • By recycling warm air heating bills can be reduced
  • Better air quality through out the home without having to open windows this can help reduce outside noise for homes near busy roads, airports and built up areas
  • Prevent mould and condensation especially in well insulated buildings
  • Fresh circulating air through out the year for comfort and to help those that suffer with allergies
  • No need for extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms
  • With optional extras it can help keep the house cooler and fresher in the summer

What is included
in an MVHR system

We will work closely with the client to ensure the system is tailor made for the property and the clients requirements. The systems we offer can be kept basic for standard heat recovery or they can include various optional extras to help achieve a full climate control in your home whatever the season.

MVHR system

This includes the supply and installation of a MVHR unit that can be placed in the attic or cupboard, standard crush proof ducting from the unit to and from each room, all PVC and insulated ducting that is required for connections and distribution boxes from the unit. Once the system is in place we shall commission and sign off all building regulation certificates associated.

Premium MVHR system
and optional extras

Any of the premium and optional extras can be added to the standard package as the client requires. Upgrades include ducting that has an antistatic and antibacterial lining. The MVHR units include a boost switch controller to help quickly remove bad odours. A summer bypass function can also be included this will mean that warm stale air will be extracted and no heat will be transferred back into the property, fresh air coming into the property will not pass through the heat exchanger so that only fresh air is circulating.

Using an MVHR
system to help cool

The system can be designed to help cool a house during summer months this will require a small cooling unit situated close to the main MVHR unit, the cooling unit supplies chilled water to a cooling coil that is installed on the ducting for the main air supply in to the property, this can reduce the temperature of air passing through the MVHR unit by up to 10°C. This is not a full air conditioning solution but keeps air cooler and fresher on warmer days. This can also be added to an MVHR system that is already installed.