Similar to conventional heating systems, a yearly service will keep your heat pump running at it’s best. Typically a service involves examining and monitoring the pump, cylinder, buffer tank and includes the entire system. This ensures your system is working effectively and efficiently which will keep the running costs to a minimum.

We are also available to service a system we have not installed. To keep any warranty validated through out the system including the hot water cylinder most manufacturers will request a yearly service.

Service contract

We offer an optional service contract for all of our installed heat pumps. (We can offer service contracts to customers who have not had systems installed by us but we ask that we are able to inspect the system and service history prior agreeing to this).

Gold Tier:
(This includes)

  • Yearly service
  • Some replacement parts
  • Saving on subsequent call outs
  • Out of office help and assistance in a non emergency 

Silver Tier:
(This includes)

  • Yearly service
  • Saving on one additional call out


Should on the rare occasion there be a problem with a heat pump, MVHR system or underfloor heating we are available to call out to diagnose and repair. We are proud to be Samsung and Mastertherm service partners and the system does not need to be installed by Eco-Wright Energy.