Become more energy efficient and help to combat the raising cost of electricity with a Solar PV array with optional battery storage designed especially for your home or work place that will help generate and store power for your own use

What are solar panels
and battery storage 

The panels react when light shines on them and electric is created. The electric created is direct current (DC) so an inverter has to be installed to convert it into alternating current (AC) which is what is used in the home, office or work space. The electricity produced will help power your home. Should the electricity created not need to be used it can be diverted to a storage battery. Even on overcast days power is still created. 

How are
they installed

Solar Panels can be installed :

  • On the ground such as a large garden or open field, this is the same system that can be used on a flat roof.
  • Within the building of the roof during a new build or roof replacement
  • Retrofitted on top of an existing roof using a rail system .

Things to

When thinking of having solar panels it is important to consider:

  • The angle of the sun, the system does not have to be on a southern facing area but keeping the panels facing as best to this angle as possible make them more effective.
  • Will there be new buildings that could overshadow the solar panels?
  • Are there trees that will grow and over shadow the panels. 

Battery storage power diverters 

If the system is producing more electricity than the property is using it can either go back to the grid and you will be paid per Kwhr by your provider or it can be stored in a battery to be used at a later date. Most installations have a mobile application, using this and a power diverter you could also divert extra electricity generated to heat your water cylinder or EV charger, please note that both have to be compatible.

A battery can also be used to charge at night if there is an economy 7 tariff in place and used through out the day to help power the property, for this you don’t need a complete solar array just the battery and an inverter A battery is not essential to a PV system unlike the inverter. If you are planning to have a battery later you must let the installer know so that the system is future proofed. 

What to do

Simply send us an email to We have an initial client questionnaire that we will ask you to fill out, this is a good starting block to determine the best possible system for your property. We will work with you to look at the most economic and effective system, this includes advice on batteries, inverters and positioning of panels. We will also discus whether a structural survey is required and undertake any application to the district network operator as all systems require notification however some are before the install and some are after depending on size.